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Distressed Note Purchases

Bank Workouts


Braco Realty Capital is called upon by property owners for capital raising efforts so they can always be assured competitive rates and certainty of execution. This saves our client’s time and money which can be used pursuing their next business deal.


Developers engage us to source and structure capital so they can focus on the designing, permitting, and preleasing of their project.  Developers are busy people and no one understands that more than us.   

Our firm can also help on a consulting basis anytime between a project start and finish:  We can produce financial models, calculate benchmarks, analyze cost budgets, gather and analyze market data, formulate sales absorptions or help forecast lease rates.   By working closely with your team through the process we can help in the synthesis of the business plan and provide an attractive offering memorandum.  

Here’s some of what we have done in the past:

  • Provided non-recourse bridge financing with tenant improvement reserve for a vacant mixed use project.

  • Negotiated a deeply discounted payoff with a regional bank and provided a tailor suited participating debt structure for an illiquid borrower.

  • Set up a revolving line of credit for the construction of multiple tracts of subdivision within a master planned community.

  • Provided conduit long term permanent financing along with an accompanying mezzanine piece for the acquisition of Class A office building.

  • Sourced a long term permanent loan on Class C apartment buildings with additional proceeds tied to future earnouts.

  • Negotiated a joint venture between equity partners for a resort development.

  • Sourced a private investor to purchase a defaulted note and renegotiated the term of the remaining note for the owner of a self-storage property.

  • Brought in three different loans from two lenders on sixteen individual mixed-use broken condos to refinance a borrower’s loan and allow him to sell units on a partial release basis and keep some remaining units long term at favorable low leverage terms.

  • Arranged non-recourse financing for the purchase of forty eight broken condos to reconvert to apartments.

  • Sourced senior stretch financing for the acquisition of a limited service hotel that provided additional proceeds for the property improvement plan required by the flag in order to reposition the asset within a six month timeframe

  • We have originated many ground-up construction loans recently, and have also recapitalized several stalled construction projects left dormant by the downturn.


We have and we will continue to do……..just call us and tell us how we can help you…. 

We are happy to have you here at our website and hope we can assist you in acquiring and financing your next deal.  Braco Realty Capital was built from the ground up with entrepreneurial spirit and customer satisfaction at the forefront.  With that being said we would like to thank you for visiting. 

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