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Are you seeking a Commercial Mortgage for an Office building in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, or surrounding state?  If so, Braco Realty Capital is here to help. With our solutions, you can acquire, develop, or recapitalize office buildings across the United States.

Our experts can help with all sorts of office property, including suburban, medical office, multi-tenant, low rise, high rise, mixed-use, and mid rise. Talking about the loan types, we can help you with construction, small balance, bridge, mezzanine, and permanent financing.   Whether it’s owner occupied office space, or a straight investment building we can help.   Dependent on how much space you intend on occupying or none at all, we can find a loan right for your situation.

We understand how challenging it can be to get financing for an office space.  On investment properties, traditional lenders will keep leverage  conservative to 60-65% percent of the property value.  With a mezzanine loan or a preferred equity piece your leverage can get up to 80-90% LTV.   We also can help locate Joint Venture Partners for the equity portion.  

On owner occupied properties, whereby you are a business owner occupying over 50% of the space, SBA and some competing finance companies will offers loans up to 85-90% LTV, that can help business owners with down payments as low as 10-15%.   The competitive programs from finance companies can have looser underwriting guidelines and can make the process simple and quick for those frustrated with the SBA process.   

Our experts, who possess more than 16 years of experience in the real estate and finance, ensure that the process of getting the loan is straightforward. This is possible with our associations with lending institutions and investors with high net worth.

There are always many challenges with taking on a new or existing property and we are here to help with advisory as needed.   Whether it’s helping in maximizing revenues on the building through conversion of leases to BOMA measurements, common area load factors, converting modified gross leases to Full Service Gross, or helping with 3-5 year projections, we can act as more than a broker and can advise in details of getting the most of out of your investment.  

Due to all our expertise, both owners and investors in Colorado and the Mountain States connect with us on a regular basis. Contact us with your office loan requirements and we will take care of the rest of the financing process for you.

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