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Hospitality Loans


Are you searching to finance a project in Hawaii?  Or looking for a Condotel construction line in the mountains of Colorado?  Perhaps a timeshare inventory expansion at some other tourist destination in the United States or Mexico?

Our team at Braco Realty Capital will make this process simple for you.

Braco Realty Capital, LLC has experience working Condotel development deals with debt funds.  Permanent financing for established flagged hotels with insurance companies.  Even experience with timesharereceivable credit lines with specialty finance companies.   We can also walk you through SBA Loans geared towards hotel owners, both 7A and 504.  We work close with developers and hotel investors alike to find the best program for the project needs.  

Traditionally, lenders consider multiple factors when it comes to offering a loan for a hotel property. They prefer to extend credit to a well located property, with experienced management, and typically a brand/flag name.  Other considerations include; strong underwriting (ADR, RevPar) and higher equity positions. Several lenders are reluctant when it comes to the financing of hotels, so it helps to work with a broker who knows where the money seeking hospitality assets is located.   Some banks, some insurance companies have an appetite for them, but there are also debt funds, finance companies, and private equity groups willing to step in both debt and equity positions on attractive deals.

Keeping all these challenges in mind, we help to ensure our clients receive the loan for construction, renovating, purchasing, or refinancing the hotels, including FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) as necessary.  Our connections with lending institutions and investors ensure that even the projects with large renovation budgets can be financed without any hurdle.

We can help Independent Hotels get financing as well, even if you are starting your project from scratch.  Hospitality comes down to location and demand primarily, and provided the business plan is sound, we can make the underwriting approval for the commercial loan a non-issue.   Our team is here to get your project out of the ground.

Contact our representative to discuss your loan requirements in more detail.

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